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Curt Waters

Curt Waters


Before About My Father’s Business was officially a 501 (c)(3), which happened in 2016, Curt Waters – skipper of the Mar Del Norte -was already passing out food from his own supplies to those in need: deer meet from his hunting trips and fish from Kodiak waters. Giving food to others was his immediate response to learning how many people in Kodiak were in need. About My Father’s Business grew from those initial offerings to now include other levels of service, including clothing, help with household needs, and healing prayer.

Curt’s giving spirit is matched by his ability to have fun. For a while now, Curt has had the Word Ministry – which is also know at the “Praise the Lord ride.” The person receiving this ministry sits up on the bow of Curt’s skiff (named Holy Water, of course) and listens to worship music roaring through headphones while Curt rockets the skiff around Kodiak harbor. It is a thrilling way to praise Our Father’s goodness!

Curt Waters’ generous heart is known throughout Kodiak. He is spontaneous and unflinching in his expression of that generosity. A generosity, he will tell you, which come straight from Jesus.

Craig Waters

Craig Waters

Vice President

Craig Waters heard the same call to serve as his brother, Curt. Together they built the “Come as you are Bible Chapel” that has been sitting on the stern of the Mar Del Norte during salmon season since 2015. The Chapel also was brought to Crab Fest in 2017 as a place for prayer in the midst of the festival. ¬†Craig offered prayer over all 5 days of the festival. His faith is fierce, so much so that he earned the name “Son of Thunder,” because that’s what he calls down when he prays for you.

Craig faithfully serves on many levels at The Refuge Pregnancy Center near his home in California.

Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley


Barbara is the Matriarch of the family as well as About My Father’s Business. Her response to the call to serve has been as an organizer of events in Kodiak, as well as handling the financials and legal aspects of our 501 (c)(3). Barbara was instrumental in forming the 501 (c)(3) with her ability to focus and desire to serve. When we were warned that submitting forms to the IRS to create a not-for-profit organization status would take months, Barbara simply piled on in. The IRS informed us of our official not-for-profit status about 3 days after Barbara submitted it. While she suspects there was some help from above with that, Barbara’s efforts are steadfast and heroic, indeed.

Barbara resides outside of AK but visits often, serving in Kodiak when she does.

Borghy Holm

Borghy Holm

Lead Volunteer

Borghy is AMFB’s “feet on the ground.” Flat out, if something needs to happen, if someone needs food, if info needs to get passed along, if prayer needs to be sent out… Borghy is the one who gets it done. She is our main contact for those in town who are looking to get some basic needs met.

Executive Pastor at Kodiak Assembly of God Church, Borghy is a woman deeply committed to serving others. Between her work at the church, engaging in ministry work around the globe, and spending her summers gillnetting, we have no idea how she manages to do so much for AMFB – but we are on our knees in gratitude that she does! We have served as many people as we have because of Borghy Holm.

Our Mission

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:40

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The Chapel

There is one boat in Kodiak that carries a chapel on the stern during the tendering season each year. Come As You Are Bible Chapel is peace distilled.

The Roman Road

Scripture guides us to peace beyond understanding. Click here for scriptural support.

Interested in supporting About My Father’s Business and its prayerful offerings in Kodiak? We appreciate it. About My Father’s Business is a 100% volunteer operated not-for-profit organization supported by the Holy Spirit, and your generous donations. Your donations purchase food, clothing, and other necessities needed by those who seek assistance at AMFB. The PayPal button below is a safe and easy way to support those in Kodiak, Alaska who are in need.